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Welcome to my personal page.

My name is Riccardo Baroncelli and I’m research assistant at the Warwick Crop Centre – University of Warwick.

During my academic path, I had the opportunity to deepen various scientific topics related to genetics, molecular biology, plants and microbiological fields. The areas more attractive to me are those related to molecular genetics, bioinformatics and genome comparison applied to evolutionary relationship and host\pathogen interaction

Main current organisms I’m working with are Colletotrichum, Verticillium, Fusarium and Trichoderma.

Current Research Projects

  • Colletotrichum acutatum: Evolution and Speciation Process
  • Morphological, Genetic, and Pathogenic Characterization of Colletotrichum acutatum related to Strawberry in UK
  • Colletotrichum acutatum genome project
  • Diagnostic tools for the early identification of Verticillium species
  • Evolution of  Endo-polygalacturonase genes in Filamentous Fungi and Role in Plant-Microbe Interection